• The Flude Foundation



Through international and National recognition, agreement and support for a suggested framework of advancement and training, assist developing communities and countries in their transition to self sustaining micro, mezzo and macro societies within social structures. This would be achieved through a consistently developing cycle of learning through the understanding of differentiation and equalisation.

  • For the minimisation of harm through substance misuse.
  • Reduce the fear of crime.
  • Improve the quality of life of the long term unemployed through affordable fiscal intervention.
  • Reduce the cost to the Health service by the establishment of pain reduction clinics and exercise and motivation.
  • Equip carers, nursing agency staff with a value and an awareness of the needs of those for whom they care.
  • Provide a concept of integrated living by self awareness thereby reducing the fear of crime and dependency upon care staff.
  • Provide vulnerable people with a support network to achieve an improved quality of life through integrated living.
  • Assist in the exercise and motivation of care and nursing home residents to improve self esteem, motivation and an improved quality of life in accordance with the care standards for the elderly.
  • Provide a training service to improve the crime reduction ability of Security staff, and Community Care wardens in line with statute.
  • Through the work of E.M.B.A. and F.S.B. ensure the reduction in the numbers of those termed as ‘unemployable’ thereby reducing the cost to the benefits agency.

To prevent the marginalisation of people or minority groups as a result of gender, religion, community or understanding and awareness resulting from their phenomenological symbolisation of experiences. This then being misinterpreted by the application of a systems template which fails to uptake the concept of personal interactions being.

By the application of P.P.C. create and understanding of the concept of self and relationship in order to offset projection and projected identities by people in authority manifesting prejudices which result in miscarriages of justice