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    Colours Lifestyle aims & objectives

Colours Lifestyle aims & objectives

  • To create an understanding and equalisation of gender
  • To provide an innovative informative curriculum for personal and familial development
  • To provide original concepts in relation to Physical well being
  • To provide a detailed understanding of the affects of chemically assisted foods
  • To assist in the development of people at familial communal and commercial levels
  • Maximise a person’s performance through an understanding of the affects of Stress
  • Maximise a person’s active life through an understanding of the benefits of exercise
  • Minimise harm and loss through substance and alcohol misuse as a coping mechanism
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • Allow a person who has been labelled to develop themselves
  • Create an environment for the better understanding of conduct disorder leading to a reduction in crime, violence and bullying in the familial, communal, and commercial environments
  • Create an understanding of core conditions for the assessment, support, motivation in addition to the physical and emotional development of those experiencing eating disorders Reduction in NHS bill
  • For the development of nursing staff, carers, service providers and client base aimed at exercise, motivation and sensations of Senior citizens and disabled people Reduction in NHS bill
  • Examine the queue and triggers for substance and alcohol misuse
  • Reduce the fear of crime in staff and delegates by the provision of modules and courses designed on a curricula basis
  • Assist in the protection and care of outreach workers by the provision of self-awareness modules, which will support and assist in the undertaking of their adopted roles/li>
  • The provision of an understanding of development and relationship within cultures which encourages a rebuttal of the gun culture as well as the provision of a system for the prevention of further crime
  • To provide an environment where ‘repeat offenders’ can examine their behaviour, and clean the slate incorporating success into their change of behaviour
  • The provision of a probable insight into the psyche of the paedophile, the interactions of substance misuse and low self esteem through a developmentally needy environment


  • To improve the overall health of people by encouraging them to take personal responsibility for their health
  • To improve the affects of a motivational syndrome as a manifestation of shame
  • To create an understanding of differentiation and equalisation of gender
  • To harmonise the various cultures and communities through the dynamic methodology of The Flude Foundation relating to conflict management
  • Reduce the fear of crime
  • Improve the quality of life of the long term unemployed
  • Reduce the cost to the Health service by the establishment of pain reduction clinics and exercise and motivation
  • Equip carers, nursing agency staff with a value and an awareness of the needs of those for whom they care
  • Provide a concept of integrated living by self awareness thereby reducing the fear of crime and dependency upon care staff

We aim to assist in personal, familial and communal performance and achieving those desired goals.

We are able to combine proven theory and techniques with a human aspect to assist you to achieve a personal sustainable change and growth.

We achieve this through training and coaching programmes, seminars and presentations.

We have the tools and the staff to ensure that the experiences you have today become the stepping stones of tomorrow.

We are able to assist any person, be you a business professional, student, parent, outreach worker close the gap between your personal or business aspirations and your current performance by use of our effective coaching and training methodologies. This means that you will have the ability to establish the root cause(s) of your problems.

Through the use of our coaching and training techniques we are able to facilitate our clients to build a meaningful lifestyle and profitable business whilst maintaining an effective work / life balance.

Our descriptive approach

  • Enquiry and questioning of the four core functions and 21 traits of personality development
  • Because personality and behaviour has an impact on us as well as those around us, developing personality through awareness is a key element functionality, success and motivation throughout our lives

We aim to help community volunteers and professionals

  1. Understand behaviour of ourselves and others including the impact on others
  2. Recognise the behaviour styles of people around them
  3. Creative development of our behaviour and relationships to gain a better response

The facilitation of:

  1. Planning
  2. Project management
  3. Implementation
  4. Dealing with the impact of change

Our consultancy

As with our associated organisation Atlas Business Coaching, once stage one has been completed, it is normal for Colours Lifestyle to assist our clients implement some or all of the agreed changes making them a reality.

Colours Lifestyle approach to personal development and lifestyle forward planning is based upon proven theory, is humanistic and is fundamentally innovative which differentiates us in the area of Personal coaching and development.

We aim to:

  • Ensure the pace and the input of the agreed action plan is determined by the client on a monthly review basis. This review is based upon the S.M.A.R.T. and S.W.O.T. principles
  • Ensure each and every associate advisor is a professional in their own right with access to their own dedicated development tools
  • Ensure that our clients are able to asses us on a cost for outlay basis to ensure that a continued improvement is maintained
  • Accept that every person has the ability to improve performance, either personally, relationally or familiarly, including the environment in which we work

Colours Lifestyle will have a positive impact upon your personal lifestyle through:

  • Coaching mentoring
  • Individual, Executive, corporate and Team building
  • Executive Communication
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Improved understanding of People
  • Understanding how to manage and motivate each other
  • Understanding how behaviour affects each of us the way that it does
  • Behaviour Selling Skills
  • Building a high performance team