• Management as an integrating activity

Management as an integrating activity

The nature of Management

  1. Objectives
  2. The meaning of Management
  3. The process of Management
  4. Management as a social process
  5. Other analysis
  6. The tasks and contributions of a manager
  7. The particular approaches to management
  8. Essential nature of managerial work
  9. The efforts of other people
  10. The personnel function
  11. Management in service industries
  12. Management in Public Sector and private enterprise organisations
  13. The attributes of a manager
  14. Qualities of a successful manager
  15. The work of a manager
  16. Classifications of a managers job
  17. Managerial roles
  18. Patterns of managerial work and behaviour
  19. Behaviour patterns of general managers
  20. Overview of the nature of management
  21. Synopsis
  22. Review and discussions
  23. Bibliography

Managerial behaviour and effectiveness

  1. Objectives
  2. Managerial Behaviour
  3. Managers attitudes towards other people
  4. The V W X Y Z Theory
  5. Behavioural implications of management accounting
  6. The leadership grid
  7. Management Systems
  8. System 4 management
  9. Casual intervening and end result variables
  10. Management by objectives (MBO)
  11. Applications of MBO
  12. Criticisms and limitations of MBO
  13. Managing people

Organisational processes

  • The nature of work motivation
  • Job satisfaction and work performance
  • The nature of delegation
  • The nature of management control

The personnel function

  • Personnel and employee relations
  • Staffing your organisation

Improving organisational performance

  • Organisational Development
  • Management Development and organisational effectiveness